This is my link page and playground on the web. The idea is to gather links and create sub pages for various events and projects, happening around in the Danish countryside. Events that I either participates in, or just because I vision it is a good, nice, cool, tataa, or cozy project...


Have fun c",)


-Gabriel Wotan Bredvig.

*Legal Notice: With judgment of 12 May 1998 (Geschäftsnummer 312 O 85/98) the 12 department of civil cases in district court in Hamburg decided that by mere posting of a link, one has responsibility for the content of the linked website. This can - according to the High Court - only be prevented by that one distances himself expressly from these contents. I Gabriel Wotan Bredvig therefore do expressly point out that I am absolutely without influence on the design and content of the websites I have links to. This applies to all contents of all linked websites on the entire, and websites and all sub-sites.

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